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Welcome to Stoessel.com

If you don't find what you were looking for here, please visit the old site and/or use the "Contact Us" tab.

The site is open to "all things 'Stoessel'" or anything connected to a "Stoessel." If you would like to offer material for this web site, please contact the web master via the "Contact Us" tab.

Nix the following paragraph. Not enough family was interested.
New feature: Member Forum. To improve upon and hopefully replace the old email-based way of sharing information among family members and our friends, we have set up a "Forum." This is an electronic bulletin board that will not get spammed (like email does). Click on the "Member Forum" tab to access the forum.

We celebrated 50 years of marriage on June 6, 2014. Please visit the photo gallery here: <http://50th.stoessel.com//photos/alanross/>.

Otherwise, enjoy browsing around. Thank you for stopping by.